About Me

I’m living on the same planet but currently I’m at the West coast in Mumbai, India. I do eat, laugh, smoke, help & I’m ideological, adaptable, loyal, ambitious, conscious, kind and at the end I must commit that I have GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR; In today’s world I’m awesome.

YES! I’m a web designer; it’s not just career option for me but it means where pixels meet the creativity which brings awesomeness into reality. It’s too much complicated to commit how expert I’m but 9 years experience creates story itself. I’m happy when ideas come faster and take less time to implement. I’m sad when things in mind not get delivered. I opt out myself by saying “NO, It’s not possible”. I like tom cruise so I strongly believe “Impossible is Nothing”, when requirements are real complicated I love to compile them as soon as i can and control them for future references.

What I do OR what I can do? – I can create designs simple to complicate in Photoshop and can structure & manipulate anything over the web using Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery Plugins and Flash. I’m damm good in Technicalities (Domain, Hosting Platforms & Usability).

I can do responsive websites, Jquery Repositories & SEO. I can do list sites in google in just 8 hrs, it’s always promising chapter for me but I love to do complicated stuffs.