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About Sachin Ghare

Sachin Ghare is a web architect based in Mumbai, India. He has been providing his expertise in SEO, website development, business email, hosting, and server administration to startups and established businesses alike for 14 years. Being fascinated by the scope and potential of the web from his early years, he completed a diploma course in web development in 2000 and went on to work with a web design agency for three years.

In 2003, he started his own web agency in Mumbai to showcase his unique brand of web design and help companies expand their presence online. Slowly, he built a reputation for providing an uncompromising service and has since had the honor of serving well over a thousand clients find more efficient and productive ways to use the web to reach their goals.

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Sachin Ghare

Our agency founded in 2014, but Sachin ghare is providing services and delivering web since 2004. Our agency is based in Mumbai, India but working Globally with Startups and Agencies. With wide area of expertise he is dedicated to his work and providing quality services to clients from all over the world. Since last few years he is noticing there are too much competition, every company is busy in making money, lack of technical expertise, quality support and prompt customer experience.


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Web Consulting

The advent of the world wide web has certainly cured our information problem, but in doing so it has given rise to a new one as well -- analysis paralysis. With the sheer amount of information and number of tools that are being produced today, it’s no wonder that companies often struggle to make sense of it all and use them in meaningful ways.

As a web consultant, I help companies create strategies that leverage existing technologies and methods to accomplish their goals and achieve maximum ROI. While I love coding, business problem solving is my true passion. I firmly believe a good web consultant will first drill to the bedrock of a company’s problem and then design custom solutions that solve them as effectively possible. They will ask all the right (and tough) questions that help the client understand their goals, what hurdles they face and what solutions have the best chance of success.

Business Email Consulting

To say that there are quite a few email providers out there will be an understatement. It’s easy to lose yourself between all the different features, prices and options out there. There are quite a number of questions you need to ask yourself too. Should I host my own email or go with a hosted solution? Do you really need those cool new (paid) features? What level of integration should the email system have? As your business email consultant, I will help you answer all these questions and make you privy to many more.

If you’re feeling lost in all the jargon, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll simplify everything and help you set up a business email solution that’s easy to operate and works flawlessly.

Corporate Training

While technology no doubt makes our lives easier, constantly keeping up with all the new tools that keep coming up can be tedious to say the least. That being said, brands that find innovative new ways to exploit existing and emerging technologies to solve market problems will invariably overshoot their competitors and become leaders in their domains. We are here to help you accomplish just that.

Being developers, tinkerers and technologists at heart, we constantly keep our ears to the ground to know what shape the web is taking. We also know how to feel the pulse of a market and suggest practical, effective solutions that really solve problems. We will be happy to share our expertise in both legacy and new age solutions with your team and help them develop best practices to put them to good use. We can help train your staff in all aspects of the web including hosting, SEO, server management and more.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

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