Change OR Add Secondary Domain to Google Apps Legacy or Standard 2016


Change OR Add Secondary Domain to Google Apps Legacy or Standard 2016

Change OR Add Secondary Domain to Google Apps

6th December 2012 was the day when google apps officially closed its Legacy/Grandfathered/Free/Standard account. There were some workaround available till 8th April 2016 to add secondary domain to Google Apps Legacy/Grandfathered/Free/Standard account but After April 2016 all workaround are officially blocked. There were some workaround available to add secondary domain or changing the primary domain using admin api but that has changed and not possible at the moment.


We all know that there is still chance and workround to add secondary domain or change primary domain, some people are offering the service to do so, i personally haven’t used there service so i can’t assure about anything. I tried contacting those people  who used the service in past for adding or changing the domain, and they told me that they are happy with the outcome and some of them have got following closing account notice. Its a close call about using these kind of service or not, you may or may not be receive this kind of mail in your inbox.

UPDATED Sept. 21. 2016: We have also noticed through blogs, forum and Google Forums that some accounts are not even reeving any notification about closing accounts they just do without any information. Most concern issue is users cannot took backup of their mails and data.


What’s Next?

We can’t even imagine the no of google apps standard/free/legacy/Grandfathered accounts people are using, it could be in millions, but it’s end now. The best thing we could do is going for an business edition.

Kindly follow the steps to start your 30 Days Free Trial with Google Apps for Work & yes there is Additional 20% Discount on yearly/monthly billing.

How to use the Coupon Codes?

Step 1 – Click on the link if your country is India, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, New Zealand OR Singapore >>

Click on the link if your country is USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia OR Chile >>

Step 2 – Signup for account and complete setup

Step 3 – Go to Billing Under Google Apps Admin Console & Use the coupon codes

Please Note: Coupon Codes will not work on existing google apps account


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Try Zoho Mail (It’s Free)

This is company is rapidly moving at this moment, their apps, features, technology, spam filtering is just AMAZING. You will get 5GB mail storage, 5GB additional Docs Storage for each user and maximum 25 users can be added to one domain. You will also get Online Office Apps & Docs Desktop Sync, not just that it also comes with following apps (Yes! its all FREE)

Email & Collaboration: Mail, Notebook, Docs, Projetcs, Connect, Bugtracker, Meeting, Vault, Showtime & Chat

Sales Marketing: CRM, SalesIQ, Survey, Campaigns, Site, Social, Contacts, Forms, Monitor

Business Process: App Creator, Reports, Site 24X7

Finance: Books, Invoice, Subscription, Expense, Inventory

Helpdesk & Human Resource: Support, Recruit & People

How to Signup for Zoho? Click here to get started with Zoho Mail for step by step setup

The Next Big Thing – Try Yandex! (It’s Free & Create upto 1000 mailboxes)

Yandex is world’s 4th biggest search engine & Russia’s No.1 site, Yandex! is next big thing, can consider as Free google apps alternative. At this moment there is no limit for adding domains to each account, you can add upto 1000 mailboxes per account. It comes with 10GB email storage, additional disk storage of 10GB per user, contacts, Maps, Video, search, translate & many more… The user interface is not so good but it is ok if you switch to mobile apps they are just great. You never know the future but it seems they are planning something big in coming few years. 1000 Mailboxes is considerable reason you can think about, 10GB storage is also good thing to start up with.

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    Thanks for saving my ass. Will take a call after carefully considering your information, zoho is Indian Company?

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    Signed up for zoho, thanks for sharing information.

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    Great article, have signed up for google apps work. I have only 3 users so no problem with the paid version. Thanks for the 20% coupon

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