Get Yandex Mail For Your Domain With 1000 Users


Get Yandex Mail For Your Domain With 1000 Users

Yandex Mail For Your Domain

Yandex is world’s 4th biggest search engine & Russia’s No.1 site. Yandex! is yet another free business email service provider, can consider as Free google apps alternative. At this moment there is no limit for adding domains to each account, you can add upto 1000 mailboxes per account.

It comes with 10GB email storage, additional disk storage of 10GB per user, contacts, Maps, Video, search, translate & many more… The user interface is not so good but it is ok if you switch to mobile apps they are just great. You never know the future but it seems they are planning something big in coming few years. 1000 Mailboxes is considerable reason you can think about, 10GB storage is also good thing to start up with.

Follow the steps to get Yandex Mail For Your Domain With 1000 Users

Step 1: Register with Yandex


Step 2: Add Domain, if you unable to locate add domain link then login to your yandex account and use the following link


Step 3: Add domain you would like to connect and click connect domain

Step 4: This step is all about verifying domain with Yandex. Add CNAME record using your domain control panel OR hosting DNS Zone, if you don’t know how to do that you can use alternate method like uploading a html verification or you can use the following link for support if needed


Step 5: Add MX record using your domain control panel


Step 6: Create Users and start using Yandex Business Mail Service


Additional Information such how to use yandex, features, options and apps follow the url to know more about

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