Google Adsense Disapproved? How to Get Approved?


Google Adsense Disapproved? How to Get Approved?

Google Adsense Disapproved? How to Get Approved?

Google has different approval policies as per country applied, you should keep following things in mind before applying for account. Google algorithm and policies gets change every week upon applications request and rejection cases depending on no. of request received. Google don’t have any physical control over any of the application but kind of system and bot they have it works like eagle eyes and are very strong, highly capable to scan every application.

What you must consider and cross verify before applying? The Requirement mentioned are based on their current policies.

1. Domain must have 6 months old (If Application from Asia then minimum is 1 Year)

2. Domain OR Website Content  must not contain any Violation words OR A-d-u-l-t content

3. Website Should have all working pages (Make sure none of your page shows 404, 402, 403 errors)

4. Google Page Speed (Your website should be reachable and fast inf while applying for the application)

5. Website Content (Website Should have About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer)

6. Make sure your contact page should have address, email and phone (Only Contact Form won’t work)

7. Your website should have less images, flash media and other media object.

8. Domain Privacy Protect (Make sure your domain not using privacy protect)

9. Place your Ad Code (Try to put your ad code in the footer)

10. Don’t buy traffic to website

11. Minimum 12 to 15 Pages (Depending on age of the domain)

Domain age is something like market goodwill, old age domain has more chances to get application approved. Try to create a sitemap of your site using automatic sitemap creator (, you will get a list of your links and try opening each and every page and see yourself if you have any 404 OR 403 error URL, fix them if so.

Check your page speed it is very important that the site availability and site performance is good while google bot scan your pages for application. Website should have proper About us, Contact us, Privacy, Terms and Other pages and has atleast 4 to 5 paragraph without any images. Make sure your page will have proper contact details such as address, phone, email and contact form. Only contact form will result in application disapproved.

Keep less images, if possible while applying remove images, once its approved you can add them later. Remove your domain privacy.

Place your ad code in the footer – As per google approval policy you should offer visitor ad while surfing your website not to offer ads while opening or visiting your webpages. Recommended position is Footer OR Sidebar, placing ad in header OR leaderboard might result disapproved.

Minimum pages requirement is 12 to 15 for old domains say around 5 to 8 years old domains, domain with age 1 to 2 years must have 20 to 50 pages to get approved.

Best of Luck for your application, if you have any queries OR questions feel free to ask about Google Adsense Disapproved? How to Get Approved?

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    Rakesh ShuklaPosted on5:52 pm - Mar 2, 2015

    Hi Sachin, Nice article & thanks for sharing. I have few queries, please help me with the process. I have tried applying application more than 12 times using my different gmail emails but every time i’m facing same issues of rejections can you help me to understand?

    Thanks in advance

      sachinghPosted on7:44 pm - Mar 2, 2015

      Hi Rakesh, Thanks for visiting my blog. At this point it’s blank for me, as you might forgot to attach the transcripts mails(mail copy of rejection). Let’s start from scratch, try this site and check whether google banned your domain or not If yes then choose another domain to apply for adsense account.

      Upon your information provided i could see you already tried many times with different email accounts and you might also received notifications about your activity of using multiple email id’s for the same domain, if so then it’s complete glitch out there. Now to clean up this mess just simply follow the steps i mentioned, then use another computer (not with the same network IP address OR same router) to apply for the adsense account.

      Make sure this time you will apply for the account with your regular email address and phone. If even this time you unable to succeed just let me know will give you white hat method and with that you will definitely awarded with the google adsense welcome mail within 48 hrs.

    JefferyPosted on11:03 am - Aug 23, 2016

    Nice post Sachin, God bless a wonderful person like you. Am still learning a lot. I have added this blog to my favourites i will come back and read more.

    SachinPosted on12:26 pm - Jan 4, 2017

    thanks for this awesome guide.
    now gonna concentrate on the thing you sy. time to get approved by google adsense.

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