My Domain Expired What Do I Do?


My Domain Expired What Do I Do?

My Domain Expired What Do I Do?

It’s very difficult to talk about on this topic but as per expertise i can explain what will happen after your domain expired? and what can be done?. Usually expired domains can be renew between 25 to 45 days from the date it expired through the same registrar as regular cost. The hold period is depend as per the domain tld’s/extension.

Registrar holds the domain for 45 Days and after that it goes into redemption period, it means your registrar still has the control and can renew it, but with the extra fees which comes around 5 times more than the regular price. For Example if your domain renewal nominal/regular fees is around $11 USD then you will need to pay around $55USD to $75USD and once you pay the fees it will remain in your control panel and get renewed for next year. Redemption period is usually 45 to 60 Days.

After 60 to 70 Days from the date of expiry, it comes as fresh domain in the market and can be register again. This time sometimes works as payback time as mostly people register expired domains for their SEO Friendly Keywords, Google Page Rank, High Traffic, Backlinks. For Example if you have domain keyword engineering or support then it’s very hard to register the domain once its available in market. Why Not?

Mostly Domain Portfolio Companies OR Domain Investors blocks and hold the domains and sell in the market for higher price, this industry these days are highly increasing and most profitable investments. If you have 4 letter or 3 letter domains (e.g. abc OR abcd) then it usually sell in the market for over $10000USD. The expired domain register technique called “Domain Drop Catch”.

You should find domain companies and you should use below sites to track domain expiry, availability and some extra ordinary techniques.

It’s simple way to earn fast money in a short time but sometimes it also has some disadvantages, if a domain has big brand OR its copyrighted domain then it might convert into big legal deal. So if you want to start your career into this then you got to be sure about which domain you are registering and how profitable it is. The expired domain register technique called “Domain Drop Catch”.

There are some sites which will help you to track information and i added few tips and tricks to convert it into profitable business

Advanced Domain Search

This site shows domain expiry and also shows how many times domain was expired, also shows the entire history as per it’s old nameservers.


Domain Value &

These sites will give you domain sell pricing as per current market needs. The backend application automatically check for the keywords used in the domain and market search needs. Use these sites for accuracy, all other domain appraisal websites are just waste of time and will give you wrong figures.


Domain Availability

This site will let you know when your domain can be available in the market with exact time and date. Unfortunately the site only allows .com, .net & .org.


Domain Page Rank & Backlinks of Expired Domains

This site will let you know the list of expired domains and expired but available domains for re-registration with Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, Baklinks, Moz Links, etc… It will also show the actual domain register date.


High Traffic Expired Domains

This site will let you know details with high traffic and popular expired domains


It’s very hard to register expired domains as the most investors uses the Drop Catch Software which usually comes with$200USD to $300USD onetime cost, it also required Domain Proxy Account which comes around $200USD/year. The Proxy account is available through Go Daddy as Reseller OR Domain Reseller, DynaDot Domain Reseller account and some registrar also offers same kind of account. You could also check, & to backorder domains.

Once you come to know that the expired domain has no competition to re-register then check for available date from and hold on your seat once it shows Dropping now. Once its started showing Dropping now you should check go daddy and start searching for domain. Once it’s available you can register the domain again. Domain Drop usually takes 1 hour.

Best of luck in your Domain Drop Catch

Feel Free to ask me queries about My Domain Expired What Do I Do? OR Domain Drop Catch Via Comments.

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