SEO Optimization Tips Tricks – Must Consider before you Start


SEO Optimization Tips Tricks – Must Consider before you Start

SEO Optimization Tips Tricks


1. Website/Domain Health: If you have booked your domain recently OR you booked the domain from long time ago but website wasn’t there on your domain then don’t waste your time in SEO stuff. It will come in google on the first page, it requires expertise to do so. So wait for few months (around 2 to 3) and then start building pages for SEO OR submission. Between these 2 to 3 months you can simply do directory submission to built a better health of your domain. Go for Google  Adwords programme and put a bid for lowest price say around $3 dollar a day and put less keywords it will help you to built a reputation & page rank in googlebot and help you in future to index it in a normal listings.

2. Domain/IP Check: Check your IP Or website for blacklisting, if your IP is blacklisted then try to make it white by contacting your webmaster or change the IP address. Check your domain for spam OR not listed under RBL rules, if so try to remove it from there as well. Visit following sites and try it yourself &

3. Trojan/Malware Test: Check your website for trojan or malware. Fix the issues if found and submit your website to google to verify that you removed the malware and cleaned your website too. Test it yourself

4. W3C Validation: Do validate your website & each pages with W3C as this is most important criteria do all search bots follow. Test your website and fix the errors shown in each category and between tags. This is the URL where you can do that

5. Fresh Content: Make sure that the content on your website is not same OR conflict with other website. Yes! i mean quit copying & pasting stuff while doing SEO, write a fresh content & fresh words to attract search bot index your website, try to use keywords between each paragraph or in between every three to four lines.

Once you do all this, you will experience constant position everytime you check google for your keywords. SEO Optimization Tips Tricks

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