Multiple Locations on google map PHP Mysql Jquery


Multiple Locations on google map PHP Mysql Jquery

Multiple Locations on google map PHP

Working with google map is always fun games for me but sometimes fun games waste lot of time. I burn my hrs to built this code and when i saw result it puts a big smile on my face. Before that i wasted hrs to find code over forums & blogs to locate multiple locations with custom category marker & custom info window but i found nothing, so finally i decided to do it on my own & i get through it.

I hope this tutorial will help you to built your own multiple locations on google map php mysql jquery. Most important is “I haven’t used any API key”, Quickly Try a demo and download source code.

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    66 Comments so far


    Sachin GharePosted on7:59 pm - Dec 12, 2013

    You can use fullscreen option as well over map, go to my this article and download code and paste this between

    speed: 1000, // speed you want the toggle to happen
    easing: ”, // the animation effect you want. Remove this if you dont want an effect
    changeText: 1, // if you dont want the button text to change, set this to 0
    showText: ‘View’,// the button text to show when a div is closed
    hideText: ‘Close’ // the button text to show when a div is open

    EterPosted on11:40 pm - Mar 2, 2014

    Really nice job, but seems not working with Internet Explorer. Also, the map gets bigger than the screen size, so if you add the zoom tool for instance, it’s halfway out of picture…

    Sam DarePosted on6:05 am - Mar 19, 2014

    This is very cool. Thx For sharing.

    ToninhoPosted on2:54 pm - Apr 15, 2014


    Why, shows only 5 records?


      sachinghPosted on6:43 pm - May 20, 2014

      Thank you for reviewing my blog. Just let me know your code, will help you to track the bugs if any. As i could see it must work with as much as locations you want. Post your code here, will check and reply.

    Hikmet GümüşPosted on6:43 pm - Jun 24, 2014


    first of all, thank you for your comment.
    I would like to ask if we can show the locations in special times and dates on our website? For example, at mysql, can we make show “Mcdonalds” on 06.26.2014 from 19:30 to 09:00 06.27.2013?

      sachinghPosted on7:13 pm - Jun 24, 2014

      Hi, Yes its possible download the code and add date column in the DB Table, and anywhere before or after add your date & time $title…..$short_title

      Update me if any assistance needed..

        Hikmet GümüşPosted on7:25 pm - Jun 24, 2014

        Hello again,

        It sounds easy but actually I am not sure if I can do this. I really would appreciate it if your do an example for me for a start.
        Thank you

        Hikmet GümüşPosted on6:31 pm - Jun 25, 2014

        Hello again,

        I ‘ve done two time columns into the location table. The first column is to show time and date (column name is start) and the second one to show ending time and date (column name finish) on the map.
        Would you please be so nice as to help me change the part at php?

        Thanks in advance.

    ShreepathiPosted on10:43 am - Jul 1, 2014

    Hi, This is very nice script, it helped me. but i have a issue. zoom count not working for me. mean same zoomed map displaying for all zoom count.


    Hikmet GümüşPosted on8:32 pm - Jul 7, 2014

    How can we list according to category?

      sachinghPosted on9:12 am - Jul 16, 2014

      Hi, Send me code to check and test will fix it and give you detailed explanation over it.

        Hikmet GümüşPosted on4:58 pm - Aug 15, 2014


        Due to my holiday I just saw your mail.
        The code is the same you use in your Multiple Locations on google map php.
        What I am trying to do is to enter the following link “” into the searching field and to add the category next to ….demo.php so the requested site can open. For example “demo.php?categoryname=barber”.

        Additionally, can we draw a line from point a to b, c, d and e?

    Hikmet GümüşPosted on6:15 pm - Aug 15, 2014

    important : Additionally, can we draw a line from point a to b, c, d and e?

    NavnitPosted on9:32 am - Sep 4, 2014

    Hi nic article.

    I want if two user same latitude and longitude then its overwrite. so it can be possible if thw users have same latitude and longitude then show both marker on map?

      sachinghPosted on8:10 pm - Sep 30, 2014

      Thanks for visiting my blog and i do apologize for the delayed reply, i hope you have fix up the issue if no then yes it’s possible two show different colored markers if the same lapt/long found, in this case you could map those variables with the ID

    KestasPosted on1:39 pm - Sep 30, 2014

    Hello, thanks for grate script!
    Maybe you can say how to do two things:
    1) I’d like to give pin color from mysql. Exp.: If $aimage is empty then marker should be blue if $aimage isn’t empty then icon color should be red
    2) What to do then in same lat/long is few pins? I see only last one. Others are hiding under it.

    Thanks one more time

      sachinghPosted on8:08 pm - Sep 30, 2014

      Thanks for visiting my blog. 1. are you familiar with php if & else statement, if yes then you can use that statement. If no let me know will prepare the code and send you over 2. I do apologize but unable to get your mean. could you please explain?

        KestasPosted on7:19 pm - Oct 1, 2014

        Thanks for replay.
        1. No, i’m not familiar with it, please help me 🙂
        2. If I have two makers (a and b) in same lat/long then I can click only on one (b), other martker (a) is hidding under b marker

    AdemPosted on1:19 pm - Oct 21, 2014

    I want to put a search box. How do I? Can you help? Thank you

    lorokPosted on7:31 pm - Oct 26, 2014

    sachingh, I have a question…

    1) how to autorefresh the marker at any given second(let say 5s) using ajax

    thanks…excellence scripts anyway 🙂

    lorokPosted on7:38 pm - Oct 26, 2014

    how to autorefresh the marker using ajax?
    for example, every 5s the marker will refresh itself without the map loaded

    lorokPosted on10:42 am - Nov 1, 2014

    Sachingh or anyone…help me out!

    How to apply auto refresh/reload the markers every X SECONDS…

    Sachingh please help, its been a week trying for the solution

    I have try setInterval but it dont work out…the marker not refresh..:(

    If theres a funtion to refresh the marker??how to apply it

    altair silvaPosted on10:14 pm - Nov 16, 2014

    Como pegar maker diferentes relacionado a cada tipo de crime, no exemplo não tem relacionament pega aleatoriamente!

    MarcusPosted on12:36 pm - Nov 19, 2014

    Hi, is there also a possibility to include addresses instead of langitude and longitude?
    I don’t have the $lang and $long available, only addresses.

    atrija dharPosted on6:58 am - Nov 21, 2014

    Thank you so mush for the post sir…i have a question..can i view the map offline??because i am not able to see the map offline…is it possible to view it offline??
    Thank You

    atrija dharPosted on6:59 am - Nov 21, 2014

    Sir can you explain about clustering on a map..
    Thank you

    NancyPosted on1:27 pm - Nov 25, 2014

    Great script.
    Is it possible to change the markers by category?
    It tried this, but it does not work:
    var icons = [

    iconURLPrefix + ‘marker1.png’

    iconURLPrefix + ‘marker3.png’

    Can you help me please?

    aqmaPosted on5:32 am - Nov 27, 2014

    hi sachingh.

    thanks for this great tutorial. however, i have problem where the maps cannot be loaded. why is it like that?

    really appreciate for your feedback.

    anilPosted on11:50 am - Dec 24, 2014

    i want to show all the state of india using google map so plz help me

    RamitPosted on6:16 am - Jan 20, 2015

    Hello Sir, I use your code in my website i am facing the problem with zoom functionality. I have change level of zoom but its not working.

    i am using this code in

    RadhiePosted on5:59 am - Feb 9, 2015

    May I know how to use different marker for different category from mysql database? It seems your code use increment to differentiate the color of the marker. Thank You 🙂

      sachinghPosted on9:08 pm - Feb 21, 2015

      Hi, thank you for the nice comment. You can add the marker image with category field and use the marker using nother mysql fecth to get it work.

    pratapPosted on7:47 pm - Feb 21, 2015

    Hello Sachin !!
    Thanks for lovely Post !!!.

    I have one question about Zoom out, i can’t zoom out on page load & also how can see map with satellite view by using your script.

    MeghnilMjPosted on10:43 am - Feb 27, 2015

    Hello Sachin
    i’ve gone through the post that ‘s nice at all
    but what do i do when i wanted to display the shops from only The India itself not more than this

    what changes i need to do in db and the code
    to see the registered shop with my shopping site , where m going to have their shop’s address
    just want to display them on map like you displayed on the post

    thnx for the posting , it helped me a lot…(^.^)

    now need your assistance for the same hopefully you will be fine solving my issue

    reply asap..thanking you once again..sachin

      sachinghPosted on9:00 am - Feb 28, 2015

      Hi Meg, it’s very easy just use the India lapt and long and set it to google.maps.LaptLng

      Then just add the fields and database with long and lapt of the location add info like description image, etc.. and add fields in database and call them on front end and done.

      Buzz me if you need any info.


    Maurício de MenezesPosted on2:22 pm - Apr 9, 2015

    Hello! you could provide me the attached files to the post “MULTIPLE LOCATIONS ON GOOGLE MAP PHP”? Because they are no longer available there… Thanks!

    Avneesh KuamrPosted on9:02 am - Aug 18, 2015

    Hi Sir i want to download running sample but this link is not available i request you please give me running sample. i am new in php please do the needful.

    Thanks in advance.

    AntoinePosted on5:06 pm - Sep 15, 2015


    Congratulations for this pleasant work!

    I have a question about the marker.

    Is it possible to use, for example, the red marker for idcategory 1, the green marker for the idcategory2 etc etc etc.

    I’m searching for it but i don’t find!

    Thank you for your help


    akiePosted on12:49 am - Oct 21, 2015

    hope you can clustering on the gmap. needed badly

    ertu?rul gülhanPosted on11:12 pm - Dec 5, 2015

    I’m prapare locally eat site.Congratulations for this pleasant work.thanks sachingh.

    murat demirciPosted on4:00 pm - Mar 24, 2016

    How do I make the good days I want to scroll the page to see the full page of data from the database.

    sumitPosted on6:52 am - May 24, 2016

    hi your download link not working 404 not found

    TAHIRPosted on10:02 am - Jun 20, 2016

    can you please share the source code with us sir?

      sachinghPosted on7:54 pm - Jun 24, 2016

      It’s premium version and it might cost you around $100 USD for hosted version and Soon we are launching embed version and can be use for free

    Jacob EwingPosted on8:40 pm - Jul 10, 2016

    1 Minute Installation and my Store Locator is Live in a minute, $25 is worth to buy.

    Can i do custom modification with the script? I would like to add some functionality like social sharing links for each store (Infowindow)

    Fionna MandezPosted on12:06 pm - Jul 20, 2016

    Thanks for your installation support. It is really worth buying, it saved my lot of time to built it from scratch and built in features like backup, 2 step verification, effects are really useful. Thanks once again….Hope will get Ver2.0 FREE Updates 🙂

    AhmetPosted on7:48 pm - Nov 22, 2016

    Hi Sachin Ghare,

    ? need multiple marker, but i want to add some special thinks.
    Can you write me

    Ahmet özer

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