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Google Map PHP Mysql Store Locator

Google Map PHP Mysql Store Locator

In early 2012 i have explained how to built a PHP Mysql Store Locator and show them over google map. More than 5000 people downloaded the code and it helped them lot to built a amazing store locator on google map. I received many compliments and wishes via mails and comments, most of them built amazing stores and not even that some of them created more than amazing what i explained.

After over 5000 downloads i took off from there and put it on Premium Desk with additional features which never being built or … Read More


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Multiple Locations on google map PHP Mysql Jquery

Multiple Locations on google map PHP

Working with google map is always fun games for me but sometimes fun games waste lot of time. I burn my hrs to built this code and when i saw result it puts a big smile on my face. Before that i wasted hrs to find code over forums & blogs to locate multiple locations with custom category marker & custom info window but i found nothing, so finally i decided to do it on my own & i get through it.

I hope this tutorial will help you to built your own multiple Read More