Google Map PHP Mysql Store Locator


Google Map PHP Mysql Store Locator

Google Map PHP Mysql Store Locator

In early 2012 i have explained how to built a PHP Mysql Store Locator and show them over google map. More than 5000 people downloaded the code and it helped them lot to built a amazing store locator on google map. I received many compliments and wishes via mails and comments, most of them built amazing stores and not even that some of them created more than amazing what i explained.

After over 5000 downloads i took off from there and put it on Premium Desk with additional features which never being built or never being thought. Please feel free to contact via email or comments who wants to purchase the hosted license and the licensee cost is $25. Check out the Frontend Demo & Admin Demo. Those who still looking out for the free part then would request to wait till Sep 2016 as we are soon launching the embed version with your own map data & map settings which can be use for free.

Check out some of the amazing features & Info about MapFun

MapFun – PHP Mysql Google Map Store Locator

MapFun is unique PHP Mysql script will help you to manage your branches OR create store locator online easily. Most important is it does not require GOOGLE MAP API. Amazing features like Smiles & HTML support Comments, Contact via Email, Individual Website Links, Direction between Source & Destination with Driving Assistance, Multiple Map Types, Map Styles, Map Galleries, Videos, User Friendly Admin Panel, Enhanced Search (Search by Location Title, Address OR by Category), Google Adsense Support, SEO Options, Clean Infowindow Style, Customized Animation for Infowindow & Modal Window, Custom Markers & Cluster, Must have settings which you might not found in other application & YES THERE’S MUCH MORE…..

User friendly Installation Wizard will help you to Install Application in Minute. Detailed Documentation (Including Video Tutorials). Along with all this the script itself has spam protection which will help you to track spammers and block them. It’s not yet finished it also comes with Failed Login Notification and 2 Step Verification (Email Based) which keeps your control panel safe. SMTP settings make sure all your mail will delivered directly to Inbox.

Watch Product Videos & Help Documentation on YouTube

MapFun – PHP Mysql Google Map Store Locator – Main Features 

– Smiles & HTML Support for Comments
– Light & Fast Bootstrap 3.0.3 Based Admin & Frontend Interface
– Search by Location Title, Address OR by Category
– Customised Map Markers & Cluster
– Map Types & Map Styles
– Location/Map Gallery Option
– Location/Map Video Option (Can use Vimeo, YT OR Dailymotion embed codes)
– Map Import & Gallery Import via CSV (Yes it will automatically skip duplicates if any)
– Visitors can contact location/map OR store owner via contact form
– Auto Latitude & Longitude finder while adding Map
– Google Adsense Ready (Will show ads all over the map, max 3 ads as per TOS)
– Multi Language & Can add more languages
– 2 Step Verification (Email based) which makes your admin panel secure
– Failed Login Notification to Admin email
– IP Filtering (Banned/Release Banned IP Addresses)
– Spam Protection (Can banned visitors to comment OR contact stores)
– SEO Settings
– Notifications Email Templates
– Backup Database, Restore, Backup Website & Repair Database
– Recycle Bin (keeps your accident deleted maps safe & can be restore)
– Reports (Sent Mails, Recent Visitors, IP Filtering)
– Recent Website Visitor Tracking
– Enable/Disable Options (Send Mail, Visit Website, Gallery OR Video)

There’s lot more…..

Front End: Click to Check Front End

Admin Backend: Click to Check backend

BUY MapFun Ver 1.0

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