Track Website Visitors using Google Maps, PHP and MYSQL


Track Website Visitors using Google Maps, PHP and MYSQL

Track Website Visitors using Google Maps/Use Google Maps to Track Website Visitors

You might have searching around adding website visitors using location service but i bet you won’t find anything as i tried and haven’t found anything. So i started working on my own interactive maps using my own php mysql map code & the result is amazing, you can check out the demo first before going forward. The code i made is very simple, i have used Location Service to track visitor location, once the location tracked it stores the content in database and show the info on map automatically.

In demo i have asked visitor info and added some extra things such as Name, Picture, etc.. and sending the data in database and then displayed data on google map. The location service will not ask to share location infact it will automatically collect info and store it (Just like analytics). The code i have made it very useful if you are developing any custom CMS and if want to integrate the visitor info in Admin Panel.

Make sure you put comments if you need something to get sorted.

I hope this tutorial will help you to built your own Track Website Visitors using Google Maps, Quickly Try a demo and download source code.

The Code is too long to explain, just download and enjoy!!!

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    farizPosted on9:05 am - Oct 13, 2015

    master how can i place form in the “info” place


    so i can submit status of photo and commenting also submit it into mysql on every icon node when it clicked

    gustavoPosted on6:24 pm - Mar 11, 2016

    me ayudas hacer por favor

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